About PureLine – Your Chlorine Dioxide Generator Manufacturer

In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high-purity Chlorine Dioxide generation equipment is enhancing the safety, reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the water treatment process.

At the core of our strength is the seamless collaboration between a dedicated group of professionals-environmental chemists, chemical engineers, design and manufacturing engineers and operations experts-all committed to one goal: improving the quality of vital water supplies used by our valued clients. PureLine supports various markets, including oil & gas production, municipal water, hospital and health care facility secondary disinfection, food and beverage, district energy, and manufacturing industries.

Working closely with our customers, we are actively engaged in not only searching for new ways to improve the water treatment process, but discovering ways to make it safer, more eco-sensitive and cost-effective to protect and preserve our planet’s most precious resource.

Our Mission

The purity of water is important to people everywhere. PureLine is dedicated to preserving and protecting the integrity of vital water resources and uses across the nation and around the world with careful research, state-of-the-art engineering and quality manufacturing of innovative Chlorine Dioxide generations technologies designed to disinfect water to exacting standards.


  • 1995 – ElectroSci, of Irvine, California, was formed to capitalize on the technology to electrolyticly produce Chlorine Dioxide

    1995 – First ElectroSci unit installed

    1998 – Company expands and Grace Brothers, Ltd. obtains majority ownership

    1999 – Named changed to PureLine

    2003 – PureLine successfully installs first Pharmaceutical application

    2003 – PureLine successfully upgrades generator to produce the most efficient Chlorine Dioxide

    2004 – Fermentation control becomes a focus, PureLine enters the bio-fuel market

    2005 – PureLine begins to expand its product line to include from the largest generator to portable technologies

    2006 – Fourth generation controls are upgraded to the system making PureLine’s generators the most cost effective operating unit

    2007 – PureLine enters international market

    2008 – Manufacturing operations are moved to Palatine, IL

    2009 – Oilfield treatment and patent awarded on electrolytic system

    2011 – Common platform developed