Odor Control

For chlorine dioxide odor removal and control, think PureLine!

Rendering plants and other manufacturing facilities rely on effective odor control. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful disinfectant that controls odors when applied to scrubbers and other mechanisms, so plant operators can maintain compliance levels.

Chlorine Dioxide Odor Removal

PureLine’s broad spectrum of generation technology, coupled with our expert staff of engineers, chemists, and technicians, gives our customers the ability to employ comprehensive solutions. Realizing that every site is different, our true value is our willingness to work with you and/or your existing water treatment partner to develop a custom solution that solves all the water treatment problems you face.

Safety, reliability, and flexibility are built into every PureLine solution. With options to automate gathering and reporting of performance data, generator status, and remote diagnostic capability, PureLine’s generators are created to solve the challenges before you. As a fully integrated supplier, we are your single source for consulting, design, implementation, chemical supply, and support for the life of your equipment. For chlorine dioxide odor removal and control, think PureLine.


ClO2 Generation

pureline CG series chlorine dioxide generator picture

CG Series

The CG series uses two precursors to generate large volumes of ClO2 onsite safely and efficiently.Read More

pure3 ClO2 generator image Chicago

Pure 3 Series

Pure3 generators were developed for applications that require high volumes of chlorine dioxide in short bursts.Read More

chlorine dioxide generator image

HP Series

The HP Series utilizes a patented electrolytic generation process that utilizes a single non-hazardous pre-cursor to create 99.5% pure ClO2.Read More



Engineered specifically for use in the CG line of generators, PureMax was created with safety and efficiency of reaction as key attributes.Read More

Pure 3000

Pure3000 is perfect for trials and applications requiring small volumes of ClO2.Read More


PureCideE has been engineered to maximize ClO2 production without harming the electrolytic cells.Read More


PureCide25 is formulated with the same pure standards required for use in our HP series generators.Read More

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Case Studies

Odor SVP Rendering Odor Control Case Study