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The oil and gas industry relies on ClO2 for a number of water treatments in oil and gas fields. Chlorine dioxide is what you need to buy when you are sanitizing anything in the oil industry. Forget about the other sanitizing agents, go PureLine's ClO2.

Chlorine Dioxide For The Oil And Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry relies on chlorine dioxide for a number of water treatments in the oil and gas fields. PureLine has stepped to the forefront of custom equipment and application design and manufacturing to cater to the unique challenges Brian Oilpresented by the sometimes harsh and geographically remote locations in which production takes place. Don’t settle for anything less than ClO2, chlorine dioxide.

With experienced industry professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, and technical disciplines, PureLine provides a single source solution (chlorine dioxide) for consulting, equipment design and construction, chemical supply, and ongoing support for the following applications:

  • On-The-Fly: Water (fresh or produced) is treated before being sent to the working tanks, just prior to the frac
  • Tank Treatments: Poseidon tanks are treated to manage H2S, destroy bacteria, or settle out unwanted metals
  • Salt Water Disposal (SWD): SWD are treated to maintain well mechanics and/or increase oil recovery
  • Well Stimulations: Chlorine dioxide improves well mechanics due to problems created by fouling agents that increase pressure and reduce production
  • Line Clean-Outs: When field lines become caked in scale, bio-film and iron, chlorine dioxide opens lines to decrease required line pressures and improve flows

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ClO2 Generation

pure3 ClO2 generator image Chicago

Pure 3 Series

Pure3 generators were developed for applications that require high volumes of chlorine dioxide in short bursts.Read More

pureline CG series chlorine dioxide generator picture

CG Series

The CG series uses two precursors to generate large volumes of ClO2 onsite safely and efficiently.Read More

alt="Chlorine dioxide fumigation">

PureLine Trailer

The PureLine mobile trailers we design meet even the most demanding requirements with our expert staff of engineers, chemists, and technicians.Read More



Engineered specifically for use in the CG line of generators, PureMax was created with safety and efficiency of reaction as key attributes.Read More


PureCideE has been engineered to maximize ClO2 production without harming the electrolytic cells.Read More


PureCide25 is formulated with the same pure standards required for use in our HP series generators.Read More

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