Waste Water

With water becoming more scarce, and conservation emerging as a primary goal of both private and governmental organizations, effective treatment and re-use of waste water is becoming more and more critical. Tanks, reserve pits, ponds, and impoundments are key areas where effective water treatment allows for the recycling of wastewater. Being able to treat and reuse captured rainwater and runoff is a key initiative in many new facility designs.

Chlorine Dioxide Wastewater Treatment

As more uses are discovered for chlorine dioxide, chlorine dioxide for wastewater treatment is among the leading areas in new applications for the re-use and safe release of water. PureLine’s staff of expert engineers, chemists, and technicians combine decades of experience to help our partners evaluate, design, implement, and support innovative solutions for challenges you face with waste water. Whether working directly with our client or with their existing water treatment company, we pride ourselves in developing safe, reliable, and efficient solutions that are customized to meet all of your needs.

The value of a relationship with PureLine is further enhanced, as we are a fully integrated solution supplier, providing a single source for equipment, chemical supply, and on going service and support for the life of your equipment.

ClO2 Generation

chlorine dioxide generator image

HP Series

The HP Series utilizes a patented electrolytic generation process that utilizes a single non-hazardous pre-cursor to create 99.5% pure ClO2.Read More

pure3 ClO2 generator image Chicago

Pure 3 Series

Pure3 generators were developed for applications that require high volumes of chlorine dioxide in short bursts.Read More

pureline CG series chlorine dioxide generator picture

CG Series

The CG series uses two precursors to generate large volumes of ClO2 onsite safely and efficiently.Read More


Pure 3000

Pure3000 is perfect for trials and applications requiring small volumes of ClO2.Read More


PureCideE has been engineered to maximize ClO2 production without harming the electrolytic cells.Read More


Engineered specifically for use in the CG line of generators, PureMax was created with safety and efficiency of reaction as key attributes.Read More


PureCide25 is formulated with the same pure standards required for use in our HP series generators.Read More

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