PureLine has developed a complete line of proprietary pre-cursor and stabilized ClO2 products to give our partners a safe and reliable single source for the generation of chlorine dioxide.

Each product has been specifically formulated to create maximum efficiency while prolonging the usable life of your equipment.


  • PureCide25


    PureCide25 is formulated with the same pure standards required for use in our HP series generators.
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  • PureCideE


    PureCideE has been engineered to maximize ClO2 production without harming the electrolytic cells.
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  • PureMax


    Engineered specifically for use in the CG line of generators, PureMax was created with safety and efficiency of reaction as key attributes.
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  • Pure 3000

    Pure 3000

    Pure3000 is perfect for trials and applications requiring small volumes of ClO2.
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  • PureVista


    PureVista is the first and only product to create pure ClO2 gas on-site, making it safe and easy to use for routine or emergency treatments.
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