ClO2 Generation

More and more companies are discovering the advantages of onsite chlorine dioxide generation. Why? Because there is just no more cost-efficient way to use this powerful disinfectant and biocide simply and successfully.

PureLine ClO2 generators combat legionnaires disease in major hospitals. We eradicate stubborn biofilm everywhere from municipal water facilities to industrial cooling towers. Food and beverage processors rely on us for preventive maintenance as well as cleaning up contamination outbreaks.

Water ClO2 Generation

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HP Series

The HP Series utilizes a patented electrolytic generation process that utilizes a single non-hazardous pre-cursor to create 99.5% pure ClO2. Read More

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CG Series

The CG series uses two precursors to generate large volumes of ClO2 onsite safely and efficiently. Read More

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Pure 3 Series

Pure3 generators were developed for applications that require high volumes of chlorine dioxide in short bursts. Read More

Pure 2 Series

Pure2 generators are the lowest cost way to get started with onsite ClO2 generation. Read More

Surface & Air ClO2 Generation

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PureLine’s patented Mobile ClO2 trailer unit is the first and only system to generate chlorine dioxide gas that is 99.9% pure. Read More


PureVista is the first and only product to create pure ClO2 gas on-site, making it safe and easy to use for routine or emergency treatments. Read More