Legionella continues to be a problem in potable water

Legionella is problematic for potable water systems

The water at Westminster Towers retirement community has tested positive for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ disease, according to the Florida Department of Health in Orange County. Spokesman Kent Donahue said Tuesday that the Health Department tested “pre-remediation” water samples and recommended that Westminster “hyperchlorinate” its water systems — a common procedure used to reduce the presence of the Legionella bacteria. Westminster — a downtown Orlando complex that houses more than 300 people — hired a water treatment company to treat its systems in July after a former resident contracted Legionnaires’ disease, a severe and potentially deadly form of pneumonia. Donahue did not say whether the Health Department plans to take additional samples, since Westminster hired a third-party company to treat the water. Wes Meltzer, communications director at Westminster Towers, said the residence’s clinical staff has conducted regular screenings but has not reported any other cases of Legionnaires’ disease at the complex. Westminster sent a letter to residents July 12 alerting them and providing information on Legionnaires’ disease and how to detect symptoms. Neither the complex nor the Health Department would provide more information about the status of the former resident.
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Breakthrough in Cyanide Destruction

Chlorine Dioxide is effective at destroying Cyanide

ClO2 is not new to the mining industry but new applications and technology have improved the control and success of cyanide destruction. PureLine has been working with some leading scientist. Cyanide destruction programs all have to be customized. The following article provides good in-site to the basics of this chlorine dioxide reaction with cyanide. But as always, contact PureLine for more detailed information.
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Effect of Chlorine Dioxide on Performance of Produced Water Treatment: Summary

Dr. Brian Wrenn conducting Chlorine Dioxide Studies.

This is the age old question that PureLine's Brian Wrenn is out to answer. For years our customers have suggested that when chlorine dioxide is used they harvest more oil from produced water. But PureLine had never found a study proving or disproving oil recovery amounts. Dr. Brian Wrenn is conducting the study which is expected to be completed in the spring of 2016.
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Chlorine Dioxide: Breakthrough NOx Technology

PurelIne attended EUEC featuring chlorine dioxide for NOx

PureLine provides chlorine dioxide for NOx destruction. This technology is less expensive and more effective than competing systems. This technology works with existing SCR systems or as a stand alone. Contact PureLIne to learn more about this breakthrough technology.
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PureLine and Kansas State develop New Chlorine Dioxide Applications

Dr Subi of Kansas State is a great PureLine resource

Dr. Subi of Kansas State is a leader in stored grains. PureLine has been associated with this great man for nearly 6 years. His work with PureLine's chlorine dioxide is nothing short of groundbreaking.
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Biofilm: Removal and Prevention with Chlorine Dioxide


This is another great paper by Dr. Greg Simpson. Biofilms create huge problems for companies. Operating industrial cooling systems with biofilms is costly and inefficient. Dr. Simpson discusses improving industrial cooling systems with chlorine dioxide. Biofilms destruction is key to operations and the reason why chlorine dioxide is the preferred biocide. Please contact PureLine for a full re-print of this paper (complete with references). PureLine is your ClO2 GO2!
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Dr. Brian Wrenn’s Produced Water Presentation

Dr. Brian Wrenn

Produced Water Society Dr. Brian Wrenn presents to a packed house at the Produced Water Society Annual conference in Houston this morning. ClO2 treatment of produced water and Flowback for reuse or disposal.  Brian has conducted a considerable amount of work for PureLine over the years.  From Ethanol, O&G to product design Brian has been a big help. PureLine is starting a study to understand if using Chlorine Dioxide for O&G recycling will yield more oil.  Dr. Wrenn will be at the helm once again.  This is exciting research.  PureLine will attempt to understand if using chlorine dioxide yields more oil and the chemical mechanisms involved. But PureLine will always lose to Brian’s real passion; the production and consumption of beer.  Brian is a true brew master. Let PureLine and Brian Wrenn work for you.  Call PureLine to learn more about chlorine dioxide and our services.  
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Smart money is buying O&G stocks….Smart O&G Companies are buying Chlorine Dioxide

It is time to buy O&G Stocks! We have all seen the run down.  The O&G market is very important to many of us.  It is time to buy those stocks.  Sure we all fear some O&G companies going bankrupt….just follow the easy path.  Buy some service companies….Halliburton or Baker Hughes (wait or they the same?).  But there are some good American O&G stocks…Newfield, Anadarko, EQT, Marathon…. all good companies.  See what the experts are saying. Speaking of smart decisions, did you know most of the companies listed in “9 Favorite O&G Stocks” are PureLine customers.  These companies use our chlorine dioxide technology.  Why PureLine?  We have the best chlorine dioxide technology, most transparent operations….with clients having realtime monitoring of each application.  Stated by a good client to Tim Lathrop, PureLine’s  VP of O&G, ” you have my business indefinitely”. And let’s not stop in North America; Liliana Guiscardo runs PureLine’s South American effort.  With new changes in Argentina politics PureLine expects to have a strong presence in their O&G market….When our equipment hits the Argentine soil we have trials set up and customers ready to start. And our world would not be complete if we did not have
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Chlorine Dioxide is amazing!

Chlorine Dioxide Demand Study

Chlorine Dioxide is amazing! Do you really know if your water is clean?  Maybe you use Glut or Quat.  Maybe Chlorine.  But how do you know if your water specs have been reached.  That is the problem with Glut, Quat or Chlorine, you do not know.  Some experts will state, “well I did some test”…..ok, this works if your water quality is static….it is not static.  Maybe you convince yourself that your Glut, Quat or Chlorine dosage is effective…. but is it safe?  When researching Glut, Quat or Chlorine you will see terms like THMs, mutagenic, carcinogenic…does this sound safe? Meet chlorine dioxide (ClO2)…. ClO2 is measurable to .1 ppm ClO2 is safe, one of the few chemicals used on organic produce Not just a biocide…. Chlorine Dioxide destroys sulfides (H2S), odors and removes metals (Iron, etc) Watch the magic of chlorine dioxide in the next video.  In less than a minute, chlorine dioxide treats this highly damaged produced water. Call PureLine to learn more about our solutions with Chlorine Dioxide.  847-963-8465
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Are you Wasting Oil? Somebody is…….

Are you Wasting Oil?   Somebody is…….  We have all seen opportunities to improve oil recovery.  Maybe your water oil separation system is out of date.  Maybe your well mechanics are so poor that the energy to extract a barrel is incredibly high.  Perhaps you are a sloppy operator and your wells turn sour quickly.  All these events are examples of oil waste.  But none of these compare to the waste from today’s oil prices.  The world is squandering a world resource.  Imagine building homes and selling them for less than people are willing to pay.  Yes, I get it, supply and demand.  Put your economist charts down. Eventually, this resource must be re-valued and repositioned.  Giving away a limited resource is not helping our future, ecology or providing the cost structure necessary to operate safely;  technology advances will stop and research monies will be cut.  Throw in the the socio-political impact (I am talking national debt here) on government programs tied to oil profits and you have one hell of a mess. What is the world to do?  Well the world is doing fine.  Those people at the cash register pricing the barrel of oil need to realize nobody
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