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As a producer of chlorine dioxide solutions, we are experts in the manufacturing, generation, and application of chlorine dioxide. PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide solutions utilizing our broad line of proven chlorine dioxide generators and precursor chemicals. In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high-purity chlorine dioxide generation equipment and expert services are enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of decontamination process.

At the core of our strength is the seamless collaboration between a dedicated group of professionals—environmental chemists, chemical engineers, designers, as well as chlorine dioxide solution producers’ engineers and operations experts. They’re all committed to one goal—improving the quality of air and water supplies used by our valued clients. PureLine supports and consults in several markets, including oil & gas production, food safety, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and water quality.

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Top Markets

How to Deal with Water from Drilling in Unconventional Reservoirs

When it comes to drilling in unconventional reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the main technique used to open pores in shale formations to release oil and gas. Fracking requires a large quantity of water as well as many chemicals to formulate the fracking...

THPS vs. Chlorine Dioxide in Scavenging Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is problematic in many types of systems including sewer water, produced water, and petroleum refineries. Natural gas plants can contain dangerous concentrations of hydrogen sulfide. A number of different chemicals can be used to either complex or...

Chlorine Dioxide Treats Hydrogen Sulfide in Saudi Arabia

Throughout Saudi Arabia’s oilfields there are many water wells which have been drilled that have unsafe levels of hydrogen sulfide present, meaning that they cannot be used to supply water to oil and gas companies’ hydraulic fracturing operations.  The current demand...

Sodium Chlorite Compared to Chlorine Dioxide

We are continuing our series of testing oxidants and their experimental results in scavenging hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a harmful byproduct found within multiple industries with the oilfield being one of the most common. Utilizing an optimal oxidizer can...

Controlling Legionella Webinar Series Wrap-Up

Over the past two months, PureLine hosted a webinar series titled Controlling Legionella. The series went into depth exploring the different water disinfection methods available to hospitals and health systems. The series also shared how to select the right...

PureLine Featured in Water in Oil Newsletter

the PureLine’s joint venture for treating produced water with Echo Production is featured in Water In Oil’s May 2021 newsletter! Water in Oil is a newsletter developed by the Produced Water Society, which is dedicated to finding and extracting the water element in oil...

Chlorine Dioxide Fumigation of Pests

We recently shared a paper developed at Kansas State University which surveyed five pest species that attack standing crop and stored grain products such as wheat, rice, oats, barley, and rye. Through this paper, the authors identified that chlorine dioxide could be a...

Hydrogen Peroxide Compared to Chlorine Dioxide

In the continuation of our series of studies to determine the dosage of oxidant or chemical required to oxidize or scavenge sulfide, Dr. Greg Simpson, PhD, experimentally evaluates hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) versus chlorine dioxide (ClO2). The Results of Hydrogen...

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is a selective oxidant, typically presented in a yellow-green color that is made up of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms.

Registered with the EPA as a sterilant in 1988, chlorine dioxide capable of a 99.9999% reduction in harmful pathogens ranging from viruses to bacterial spores. Chlorine dioxide is used within water treatment, food safety, oil and gas, healthcare, and broader industries for its disinfection properties. The United States government even selected chlorine dioxide as a fumigant to safely fumigate the US Senate office building from anthrax in the early 2000’s. Legionella, salmonella, listeria, odor-causing bacteria, and other water borne pathogens are unable to build a resistance against chlorine dioxide’s power as a biocide, as the cell wall of these harmful pathogens are penetrated by the reactivity of chlorine dioxide.

Hospitals, municipal water systems, oilfield frac pads, and food processing plants trust chlorine dioxide for critical business functions!

Chlorine Dioxide Technologies

Proprietary Chemicals

PureLine has engineered and produced chlorine dioxide chemicals and generators for over 20 years. PureLine’s chemicals are EPA approved, and have active certifications with the Water Quality Association for Certified Drinking Water System Components and Certified Water Treatment Chemicals. 


PureLine has developed a variety of generators for its chlorine dioxide solutions. Best of all, we have the technology and expertise to design generators to meet the specific needs of your facility. 

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Experts in the creation, manufacture and delivery of chlorine dioxide

PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide solutions utilizing our broad line of proved chlorine dioxide generators and pre-cursor chemicals. In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high purity chlorine dioxide generation equipment is enhancing the safety, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the water treatment process.

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