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Treat, sanitize, disinfect and eliminate with Chlorine Dioxide.

As a producer of chlorine dioxide solutions, we are experts in the manufacturing, generation, and application of chlorine dioxide. PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide solutions utilizing our broad line of proven chlorine dioxide generators and precursor chemicals. In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high-purity chlorine dioxide generation equipment and expert services are enhancing the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of decontamination process.

At the core of our strength is the seamless collaboration between a dedicated group of professionals—environmental chemists, chemical engineers, designers, as well as chlorine dioxide solution producers’ engineers and operations experts. They’re all committed to one goal—improving the quality of air and water supplies used by our valued clients. PureLine supports and consults in several markets, including oil & gas production, food safety, healthcare, hospitality, transportation and water quality.

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Top Markets

Control of H2S (Sulfides) with Chlorine Dioxide

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a toxic gas that can be produced naturally or from industrial activities such as oil and gas production, wastewater treatment, and pulp and paper manufacturing. H2S is highly corrosive and poses a serious threat to human health and the...

Why Chlorine Dioxide is Used in Salt Water Disposal

As the demand for energy continues to increase, the oil and gas industry has a significant responsibility to ensure that the extraction and production processes are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. One crucial aspect of this is the management of...

Controlling Algae With Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

Algae can be a lovely aesthetic feature of a pond, or even a supplement for protein in humans, but it also can prove irksome when overgrowth occurs. Indeed, the plant isn’t always a beautiful feature of nature, but can be bothersome and potentially even dangerous. As...

Iron (Fe) Removal with Chlorine Dioxide

Iron (Fe) is a naturally occurring element that is often found in water sources, particularly in groundwater. While small amounts of iron in water are not harmful to human health, high levels of iron can cause a variety of problems, including discoloration of water,...

Dry Sanitation for Food Processing Facilities

For certain food processing plants, there is a need to disinfect surfaces that are meant for dry goods, such as wheat, flour, grains. Bakeries and mills like to keep surfaces cleaned and disinfected for food safety purposes without introducing liquid near their food...

Why are biocides added to cooling tower water?

Cooling towers are an essential component of many industrial processes, providing efficient heat exchange and cooling of water systems. However, cooling towers are also a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These...

What is a 6-Log Kill?

A 6-log kill is a term used to describe the effectiveness of a process or product in eliminating microorganisms. It refers to the reduction of a particular microorganism population by six orders of magnitude or 99.9999%. In other words, it means that only one...

Mud Pits and Pit Turns in Oil and Gas

Image Credit: Sarah Craig/Faces of Fracking Drilling in oil and gas takes careful planning and execution, as it is a dangerous process. The use of drilling mud (water and clay) and various chemicals are a natural part of the drilling operation. Over time, the drilling...

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is a selective oxidant, typically presented in a yellow-green color that is made up of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms.

Registered with the EPA as a sterilant in 1988, chlorine dioxide capable of a 99.9999% reduction in harmful pathogens ranging from viruses to bacterial spores. Chlorine dioxide is used within water treatment, food safety, oil and gas, healthcare, and broader industries for its disinfection properties. The United States government even selected chlorine dioxide as a fumigant to safely fumigate the US Senate office building from anthrax in the early 2000’s. Legionella, salmonella, listeria, odor-causing bacteria, and other water borne pathogens are unable to build a resistance against chlorine dioxide’s power as a biocide, as the cell wall of these harmful pathogens are penetrated by the reactivity of chlorine dioxide.

Hospitals, municipal water systems, oilfield frac pads, and food processing plants trust chlorine dioxide for critical business functions!

Chlorine Dioxide Technologies

Proprietary Chemicals

PureLine has engineered and produced chlorine dioxide chemicals and generators for over 20 years. PureLine’s chemicals are EPA approved, and have active certifications with the Water Quality Association for Certified Drinking Water System Components and Certified Water Treatment Chemicals. 


PureLine has developed a variety of generators for its chlorine dioxide solutions. Best of all, we have the technology and expertise to design generators to meet the specific needs of your facility. 

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Experts in the creation, manufacture and delivery of chlorine dioxide

PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide solutions utilizing our broad line of proved chlorine dioxide generators and pre-cursor chemicals. In locations across the nation and around the world, PureLine’s patented and proven high purity chlorine dioxide generation equipment is enhancing the safety, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the water treatment process.

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