3 Advantages in Using Lay-Flat Hose for Water Transfer

Oilfield companies operating in remote areas often need to create unique solutions for transporting and accessing water for fracking. Areas such as the Middle East may have tens to hundreds of kilometers for water to be moved from in order to reach the frack pad and may require hundreds of thousands of barrels per day. Add in variables such as elevation changes and different types of road crossings, and transporting water becomes more difficult.

PureLine works with numerous companies in the oilfield for their unique water transfer needs. In most circumstances, PureLine’s Lay-flat hose is the optimal solution for transporting hundred of thousands of barrels of water. Below are three primary benefits in using PureLine’s lay-flat hose.

Advantage #1: Scaling Distance

Lay-flat hose (or pipe) can be scaled up to any distance needed to transport water. Hoses are easily connected together, and if there are any unforeseen damages to a hose, it can be easily replaced by skilled personnel.

Advantage #2: Automated Tracking

Automated tracking software can be utilized by operators to analyze flow rates on any individual line. Flow meters are typically installed at the beginning and end of each 12” line to measure flow rate, and PureLine’s Automated Water System (PAWS) software provides real time data monitoring line pressures, flow rates, and pit levels. PAWS also enables personnel to shut down the line remotely and safely in emergencies.

Advantage #3: Easy to Install

Lay-flat hose is easily installed. PureLine not only provides lay-flat hose but provides our clients with turnkey solutions for water transfer using lay-flat hose. If there are unique circumstances with certain roads needing to transport water across roads, PureLine works with our clients for crossing highways, asphalt roads, skid road, marl road, rig roads, or even camel crossings.

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If you would like to learn more how PureLine can assist you with your water transfer needs, fill out the form below and a PureLine representative would be glad to serve you!