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The role of clean water consumption in manufacturing is vital. This is why industrial manufacturers need treated water systems.

Water is the lifeblood of our planet. We drink water, cook with water, and even use water to provide services or products. Regardless of personal or business use, anyone would find it difficult to go through a whole day without using water. This is an especially harsh truth for manufacturing. Almost every product made requires water during production.

The Need for Water in Industrial Manufacturing

Water consumption in manufacturing is a widely discussed topic. Massive amounts of clean water are used for diluting, cleaning, cooling, fabricating, sanitizing, and dissolving. It serves a critical function in every major process.

According to the USGS, a few manufacturing industries use the most water: metal production, wood & paper products, gasoline and oil, and the material used to make grabber utensils. Additionally, in the USA alone, 322B gallons of water per day were used in 2015 in the industrial manufacturing industry.

3 Benefits of Using Clean Water in Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of the closest monitored industries because so much could go wrong during the process. Anything dealing with water has a chance of contamination or rusting.

We don’t often think of this, but water is swarming with microbial life and minerals. Left unchecked, water could pose a significant risk not just for the end-user and plant workers but also the equipment.

Making the Most of Your Resources

While water is prevalent, there is an increase in competition for clean water, as that supply is limited without treatment. So, making the most of your water consumption will be to your benefit in the long run. Mismanaging this valuable resource could cause production slowdowns or even competition with local communities over groundwater.

Healthier Environment

Clean water in manufacturing leads to an overall healthier environment, both outside and inside the plant. Providing clean water to employees for handling during processes can boost productivity and overall production quality. Treated water systems also ensure the health and safety of your employees and the receiver of your manufactured product.

Business Growth

Business growth is a prime benefit of clean water systems in manufacturing. It’s no secret that sustainability and cleanliness bring economic benefits. Even the WHO stated for every $1 invested in sanitation, the ROI could be $3.10-$16.60 over time. Properly managed and treated water systems mean less opportunity for equipment damage, waterborne contamination, and the like.

PureLine’s Industrial Water Treatment

How do you provide clean water in your manufacturing processes? PureLine’s industrial water treatment method uses chlorine dioxide to meet the industrial, institutional, and commercial marketplace needs.

We offer treatments for boiler water, cooling water, wastewater, storage ponds, and more. Chat with your PureLine representative to find the right industrial water treatment option for your organization.  

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