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Extension poultry scientists Brian D. Fairchild and Casey W. Ritz from the University of Georgia estimate that, typically depending on the weather, chickens consume between 1.6 to 2.0 times as much water in comparison to dry feed, yet significant discourse is dedicated to feed instead of water. Water is essential to the wellbeing of chickens, assisting in temperature regulation, digestion, joint lubrication, and more. Thus, ensuring that the flock is consuming water from a clean water source is vital to ensuring that the chickens not only survive, but are able to thrive.


Prevention of Disease

Clean water for chickens to drink can eliminate the risk of water-borne disease transmission. Through fecal pollution, epithelial desquamation, other discharge from the birds, or adulteration at the water’s source, contaminated water can rapidly spread disease to the flock; bacteria like e coli and salmonella and viruses such as herpes virus can spread among birds through their drinking water. Treatment of these bacteria and viruses, whether through medications or vaccinations, can be rendered less effective if the poultry continue to drink contaminated water. Moreover, any diseases present in the flock can potentially be passed onto their eggs, making the purification of their water source vital to keeping the flock healthy. Clean drinking water can not only prevent disease, but also decrease rates of mortality.


Digestive Ease

Because the birds don’t have teeth, a clean, plentiful source of water is essential to ensuring proper digestive function. Water can help the birds through every part of the digestive process, from when they initially swallow the food to when it is excreted, as it lubricates the joints and organs. Dry food can clump during digestion, meaning sufficient lubrication via clean water can expedite the process of digestion and ensure its safety. 


Chickens’ Weight

Beyond the health of the flock, clean water can be important for the weight and profitability of the birds that farmers dedicate significant energy toward. If the chickens consume more water, they will then carry the weight of that water within their joints, organs, and muscle tissue, meaning that they’ll weigh more. Thus, when poultry is purchased by pound, the chickens can turn an even higher profit, as their increased weight will increase their monetary value.


How Chlorine Dioxide Cleans Water for Optimized Poultry Production

Chlorine Dioxide can provide a solution to contaminated water. The chemical compound kills dangerous disease-causing bacteria through oxidation, purifying the flock’s drinking water. When their hydration source is purified, the chickens will drink more water, leading them to have increased hydration, greater ease moving their joints, and improved digestion. An increase in water consumption leads to heavier chickens, and thus more profitable poultry. Fill out the contact form below to see how PureLine’s chlorine dioxide solutions can help your flock meet their hydration needs.

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