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Little thought is placed on food safety from a consumer perspective. However, new and established food processing facilities are responsible for keeping things sanitized and safe behind the scenes.

So, how do food plants keep their environment safe while starting a new facility or production line? In reality, it is up to each facility to follow sanitization requirements.

No plant intentionally causes foodborne illness or recalls. This only happens when proper cleaning standards have not been met.

So, let’s discuss why you should fumigate your new food processing facility.


Resets the Environment

Once a food plant’s operations are modified or constructed, consider resetting the environment before resuming operations.

The result of any construction project can be a challenge to sanitize. It requires extra procedures and adds safety in the fight against foodborne illnesses.

Cleaning after construction is critical, but it is simply not enough. We recommend fumigating your new food processing facility at various stages.

To avoid foodborne illnesses, many food-processing facilities undergo comprehensive sanitizing prior to the beginning (or re-starting) of operations.

So, reset the environment periodically during the modification or construction process.


Prevents Food-Borne Illness

Resetting the environment to avoid foodborne illness brings us to our next point. You should sanitize your new food processing facility to safeguard against outbreaks.

Imagine a scenario where you just built a new plant. You’re entering production, and only a few weeks in, you realize that contamination is present. So, you have to halt production, slowing you down even further.

Properly fumigating and sanitizing your plant could have prevented this scenario from happening.


Saves Company from Potential Bad PR

We have all heard of famous cases of food companies that have been negatively impacted by bacteria outbreaks. The legendary Chipotle Mexican Grill case is the first one that comes to mind.

Improper cleaning and dismissing food safety standards can not only cause illness among consumers but also drag your company down.

When the health and safety of the public are involved, the press can turn sour really fast. The last thing you want is to taint the image of your food plant for good and cause permanent damage.

Consumers boycotted the company for a long time, and they were served a $25 million fine to settle charges over tainted food.

So, you should fumigate your new food processing plant to avoid a PR nightmare as Chipotle experienced.


PureLine’s Chlorine Dioxide

Consider PureLine’s chlorine dioxide decontamination solutions to reset the environment. By doing so, you will successfully meet food safety sanitation requirements immediately after construction and before starting up a new facility or new production line.

Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide. It is less corrosive than o-zone, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorine bleach. Experience the power of PureLine’s decontamination solutions by contacting us today.

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