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Discover four key benefits of using a chlorine dioxide disinfectant.

As industries look for more efficient ways to handle sanitization, many fingers point to using chlorine dioxide for disinfecting. This powerful cleaner can be used to sanitize surfaces, equipment, and even water.


What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a chemical compound that consists of one chlorine atom and two oxygen atoms. In its gaseous form, it takes on a reddish to yellow-green appearance.

The reason why chlorine dioxide is such a powerful disinfectant is that it disinfects via oxidation. That means it attacks bacterial cells at a molecular level, killing viruses at their core.

Chlorine dioxide is used to oxidize the air, and it can also dissolve in water to oxidize biofilm and bacteria present in water systems.


Benefits of Using a Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant

You can find dozens of sanitizers and cleaners on the market, from chlorine to bleach. But let’s explore the many benefits of using chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant.


1. Variety of Applications

One of the major benefits of chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant is its wide range of applications. Chlorine dioxide is highly versatile, from oil and gas to food, medical, and even residential use.

The food and beverage industry can use it as an antimicrobial agent in their water systems. The same can be done in the healthcare industry, along with sterilizing medical equipment and tools. Chlorine dioxide can also chemically process wood pulp for paper manufacturing in the paper industry.

These examples only scratch the surface of the potential use of chlorine dioxide.


2. EPA-Approved

The EPA recognizes chlorine dioxide as a drinking water disinfectant. It passed the EPA’s guidelines for use as a disinfectant and surface sanitizer. Chlorine dioxide became registered as a sterilant with the EPA in 1988.

This chemical compound is even included in the WHO’s guidelines for drinking water quality.


3. Better Than Bleach or Chlorine

Did you know that chlorine dioxide is safer than bleach or chlorine?

Both bleach and chlorine create toxic compounds that wash away into the environment after use. However, chlorine dioxide breaks down into water, oxygen, and salt.

Aside from safety, it is also more potent than bleach or chlorine, having 2.6x the oxidizing power.


4. Odor Control

Along with disinfecting and killing bacteria, chlorine dioxide can be used to remove unpleasant odors and tastes from water.

It dissolves odor at the source while killing water-borne algae, bacteria, and biofilm.


Experience a True Clean with Pure 100

PureLine has engineered and produced chlorine dioxide chemicals for over 20 years. One of our notable products is Pure 100, a one-step germicidal spray disinfectant cleaner that destroys bacteria, viruses, and grime.

Simply spray on surfaces and leave it to work its magic. No wiping is required. Pure 100 uses oxidation to address odors on a molecular level for controlling air quality.

Though powerful, this spray medical-grade disinfectant is gentle – neutral pH, no harsh chemicals, no noxious fumes, and no harmful Volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

You can find out more about Pure 100 and PureLine’s disinfecting solutions by contacting our team.