4 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Use Disinfectants in Your Home

Disinfect against viruses and bacteria

You should regularly use disinfectants in your home. Why? A clean environment makes for a happy, healthy environment.


P.S. The EPA listed products that can be used to fight COVID-19 and destroy the virus on surfaces. Our product, the Pure 100 disinfectant, is one of them.


4 Reasons Why You Should Disinfect Your House Now

With the spread of COVID-19, it’s even more important to give your house a good scrub each week. In case you need one more reason to stock up on wipes, sprays, and cleaners, here are four.


Protect Your Kids

Do you have children at home? Then this should be the #1 reason why you should regularly use disinfectants in your home. Little ones bring home all sorts of gunk and dirt. So, it’s essential to remove viruses brought home by kids. Those viruses can make their way onto dozens of surfaces.

So, protect your kids by encouraging cleanliness. Have them wash their hands when they get home and sanitize any high-touch belongings they cling to. Keep a few packs of kid-friendly wipes handy throughout the house as well.


Prevent Germs from Spreading

Germs can spread from kids, animals, food, guests, and general unhygienic practices. You’d be amazed at how many different ways bacteria can travel throughout a home.

So, prevent germs from spreading by regularly disinfecting your house. We recommend wiping down all surfaces, sinks, tables, and knobs at least once a week. More is always better.


Refresh Your Space

Another reason why you should regularly use disinfectants in your home is to refresh your space. Now, what do we mean? Well, think of this. Your countertops, handheld devices, and even furniture can trap bacteria. Properly cleaning your home will not only remove viruses but also extend the life of everything in it.

Follow any manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning upholstery. Always use wipes that are designed for electronics—dry surfaces after wiping them. And a good squirt of air disinfectant can sometimes make all the difference.


Removing Sickness

You should be using disinfectants if someone in your home is sick. Take extra precautions. For example, things in their bedroom should be extra disinfected. Make sure they use their own trash can with a bag inside.

Clean and disinfect any light switches, remotes, doorknobs, or high-contact surfaces. It’s also a good idea to spray air freshener in their room to kill any viruses in the air. You definitely don’t want any sickness spreading to another family member.


Use an EPA-Approved Spray Disinfectant

Wondering what disinfectant to use in your home? Pure 100 is a one-step germicidal disinfectant cleaner and deodorizer for residential, commercial, and hospital use. It kills viruses and bacteria. Pure 100 is on EPA’s List N for killing COVID-19. It only has two ingredients, one of them being water!