Case: The Montclair Police Department

PureVista disinfects and removes odors

The police department first began using PureLine’s products during the Spring of 2020. They were searching for disinfection products and replacements for Lysol and Clorox sprays but could not find any replacement products that could be delivered. They found PureLine initially by contemplating a chlorine dioxide generator purchase but learned about additional PureLine products that could be used in lieu of purchasing an onsite generator.

The main product used was the PureVista 12.5-gram (PV12.5) product, primarily for their fleet of vehicles. It is the perfect size to treat an SUV. The gas expands into all nooks and crannies of the vehicle, passing through the front and rear A/C units, and was compatible with the soft surfaces of the seats in the car. The typical wipe down methods were burdensome, and whenever someone coughed in the car early in the pandemic, the department would fire off a PV12.5 in the vehicle.

The Montclair Police Department chose PureLine because of our availability, the cost-effectiveness of the PV12.5, and ultimately the peace of mind that the product brought to their staff. In understanding the chemical and scientific properties of chlorine dioxide, the department would take the opportunity whenever a car was being treated with a PV12.5 and put officers’ police gear and even face masks in the car to be treated as well.

If an officer was sick, the staff would put a PV12.5 in the officer’s locker, which left a clean chlorine smell. The staff did not mind the residual smell of chlorine as it was yet another reminder that the physical space had been treated, and ultimately brought peace of mind to the staff.

The staff would use the residual chlorine dioxide liquid to pour down the drain located in the evidence room, where mold and other foul odor build up. Pouring the liquid down the drain helped remove the buildup left in the drain.

The department still keeps PV12.5’s in stock for when there are hepatitis exposures, or if someone is bleeding in a vehicle. In the facilities, they have used PV’s for jail cells, drawing lockers, and isolated rooms when necessary.

The Montclair Police Department believes that the PureVista or Pure100 liquid products could be great solutions for county jails where staph is rampant and where there are incidents of MRSA.

According to Lieutenant Kumanski, using a PureVista “couldn’t be easier!”

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