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Today, vegetable processors are being asked to help their customers eliminate the cook step in many prepared foods. Customers are willing to pay more for products that meet higher quality standards. If the vegetable processors can provide a product with ultra-low bacteria counts, their customers can eliminate cooking and proceed directly to a cold blend step for prepared microwavable foods and foods reheated in applications where sanitization is not always achieved. Eliminating the cook step not only saves energy, it also reduces the labor, equipment and time required for the extra processing.

PureLine’s Pure ClO2 Electrochemical HP-40 Generator immediately replaced the dry calcium hypochlorite process and eliminated multiple open batch-mixing tanks. It also eliminated the daily labor associated with maintaining the dry mix system. Moreover, eliminating the dry Ca(OCl)2 improved overall EH&S by eliminating the inhalation hazard associated with dry Ca(OCl)2 , reduced chemical handling and eliminated the corrosivity of the open calcium hypochlorite batch tanks and piping in the plant.

In addition to realizing the desired process benefits, it was discovered that the ClO2 was an excellent replacement for Ca(OCl)2 previously used for well-water disinfection. In water treatment, ClO2 is able to disinfect without reacting with organics and contributing to the formation of halogenated byproducts such as THM. Moreover, like chlorination, chlorine dioxide is also able to oxidize ferrous iron to ferric iron––an issue in many well waters, including this application.

See the case study below to see how a spinach processor successfully lowered Listeria and overall bacteria counts, as well as achieve its goal of meeting market demand for higher quality, Listeria-free spinach by using PureLine’s Pure ClO2 Electrochemical HP-40 Generator.

Case: Vegetable processor discovers benefits of chlorine dioxide disinfection

Food Processor Case Study – PureLine Solutions

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