Contract Sterilization for the Medical Device Industry

In the realm of medical devices, sterility is not just a requirement—it’s a commitment to medical excellence. PureLine takes this commitment to heart, offering specialized services to medical device companies seeking the most thorough and reliable sterilization solutions without the use of Ethylene Oxide.

PureLine is conducting preliminary validation studies of our chlorine dioxide gas technology, ensuring that every medical device is free from contaminants, meeting the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. We are dedicated to supporting medical innovations by providing sterilization services that are as meticulous as they are efficient.

Services and Solutions - Medical Device Sterilization with Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Stepping into the forefront of contract sterilization is chlorine dioxide gas, a powerful and efficient sterilant that promises to redefine the landscape of medical device sterilization. At PureLine, we harness our proprietary chlorine dioxide gas technologies, offering a compelling alternative to traditional Ethylene Oxide (EO) methods. Recognized for its penetrative capabilities and broad-spectrum efficacy, chlorine dioxide gas ensures thorough sterilization, leaving no room for contaminants. As the medical industry seeks safer and more environmentally-friendly sterilization alternatives, PureLine’s chlorine dioxide gas decontamination stands out as the future-ready solution, ensuring both device integrity and patient safety.


Medical Device Sterilization with PureLine's DC Series

PureLine DC Series Medical Device Sterilization Unit

Concept and Innovation

The DC Series by PureLine redefines sterilization with an innovative approach. Harnessing the power of ClO2, it stands out for its effectiveness in thoroughly decontaminating medical devices. The concept revolves around merging cutting-edge technology with the potency of ClO2 for unparalleled sterilization. The DC Series utilizes a vacuum technology, and has flexible cycle designs for specific-device needs.