Controlling Algae With Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

Algae can be a lovely aesthetic feature of a pond, or even a supplement for protein in humans, but it also can prove irksome when overgrowth occurs. Indeed, the plant isn’t always a beautiful feature of nature, but can be bothersome and potentially even dangerous. As algae, sulfides from putrefaction, and other undesirable contaminants like soluble iron and soluble organics build up at the bottom of a pond, the long-term vitality of the body of water is brought into question. Moreover, the functionality of the pond is also of concern when algae growth occurs, making it a priority to control any form of overgrowth as soon as you notice it. 

Chlorine Dioxide Uses for Algae

PureLine provides both chemical oxidizers–in the form of chlorine dioxide–and mechanical application technologies to ponds in order to get rid of algae, rotten egg sulfur odors, soluble metals, and other organics that contribute to elevated COD numbers. These chemical oxidizers, which are materials that promote combustion, work to break up the algae at the source, eliminating growth entirely instead of merely minimizing it. The beauty of using PureLine’s chlorine dioxide, however, is that this is done without concern for halogenating these organics, forming bio-recalcitrant, toxic compounds. 

PureLine’s team of expert engineers, chemists, and biologists works to control algae growth through fixed asset feeders. PureLine trucks arrive at the site and are hooked up by PureLine certified professional personnel, ensuring that the customized solution to the algae growth is properly implemented. Water is then pumped through the PureLine equipment, where algae is controlled, and sulfides, soluble metals, and organics are oxidized. To learn more about how PureLine can assist you in controlling algae and other unwanted organic growth in ponds, or other bodies of water, fill out the form below and a trusted representative will be in touch to discuss PureLine’s customized chlorine dioxide solutions for algae control.