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Over the past two months, PureLine hosted a webinar series titled Controlling Legionella. The series went into depth exploring the different water disinfection methods available to hospitals and health systems. The series also shared how to select the right disinfection method for a given facility and provided a holistic view around installing and setting up a water disinfection system, along with ongoing testing for Legionella prevention and control.

The first webinar in the series looked at the nature of biofilm and its ability to grow harmful pathogens such as Legionella. The table below provides background on the available biocides that are used to inhibit and eliminate biofilm.

Effect of Biocide on Legionella and Biofilm

The second webinar looked more in depth at the pros and cons of the main water disinfection methods of Chlorine, Monochloramines, Chlorine Dioxide, and Copper-Silver. Topics included the chemical performance – whether chemicals are safe on facility piping and equipment, their affect on lab and dialysis equipment, whether they perform on biofilm, and the speed in which these chemicals eliminate pathogens. We discussed the control remediation ability, along with reporting requirements for each of these four chemicals.

The third webinar went through a teaching hospital’s experience installing water disinfection systems for a multi-million square foot building with over 3,000 plumbing fixtures. This hospital is a licensed water treatment facility in its state of residence and uses chlorine dioxide for Legionella and pathogen control within their hospitals. The topics discussed included carbon filtration, water heaters, faucets, the impact of flushing water fixtures, and the affects of chlorine dioxide on piping systems with biofilm and Legionella.

Before and After Chlorine Dioxide

The fourth and final webinar went through the process of Legionella water sampling, start-up and remediation, and best practices for successful Legionella prevention and control from a hospital that has had ZERO detectable legionella sites in an 8-year period with over 400 tests per year. A successful water disinfection system goes beyond the technology and biocide used for biofilm, pathogen control and remediation, but it is a holistic approach taking into account the array of fixtures, flushing, and testing practices.

HP Series Chlorine Dioxide Generator Giveaway

As part of the Controlling Legionella webinar series, PureLine hosted a giveaway for an HP Series Chlorine Dioxide generator for health organizations that participated in the webinar series. It is our pleasure to announce that the winner drawn from the giveaway was Linda Huddleston of Floyd Medical Center!

Thank you to all the attendees who participated in the webinar series! Whether you were present for one specific topic or consistently participated in all four webinars, we hope you walked away more knowledgeable on water disinfection and have actionable steps to better serve your patient populations by maintaining safe water systems. If there are ways in which we can share additional resources or may be of assistance to your healthcare organization in maintaining safe water systems, please don’t hesitate to reach out to PureLine either by calling at 847-963-8465 or submitting a contact form.

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