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Cooling Tower Water Treatment

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Are you needing a consistent supplier of sodium chlorate precursor (a replacement for Nalco’s Purate) for your chlorine dioxide generator? Are you interested in owning or leasing chlorine dioxide generators with remote monitoring capabilities?

Hear from PureLine President Tim Lathrop on how PureLine’s chlorine dioxide generators are designed for cooling tower, municipal water, and large industrial facility water treatment.

CG Series Spec Sheet

PureLine tanker 4000 gallons

PureMax Spec Sheet

CG Series

The CG series generator is a two chemical system using PureMax (a proprietary blend of chlorate and reducing agents, a replacement for Purate) and high strength sulfuric acid to chlorine dioxide at over 95% efficiency. This process is the most economical way to produce medium to large amounts of chlorine dioxide (20 to 4000lbs/day). The CG generator produces chlorine dioxide on demand efficiently and without the need for additional storage or delivery pumps (up to 30psig delivery pressure without the need for a booster pump).

The CG series has very few moving parts making it very low maintenance and reliable to operate even under extremely harsh conditions.

CG Series generators have built in 24×7 security and monitoring, utilizing TLS 1.2 protocols and AES-256 encryption, monitoring real-time data for ClO2 production. Learn more about PureComms Security and how PureComms can decrease downtime.

The CG series generator is commonly utilized in industrial settings treating cooling towers, the oilfield, commercial marine applications, and within municipal water systems.


Replacement for Nalco’s Purate

PureMax is the perfect formula of chlorine dioxide treatment for cooling towers, municipal water treatment as well as pulp and paper renderers. PureMax is engineered for efficiency and reliability in high-volume applications generating chlorine dioxide with our CG and CGF line of generators. Most importantly, PureMax won’t cause harm to your towers or systems like other options.

When used with a PureLine CG Series generator, which it was specifically designed for, PureMax is the most efficient product offering of chlorine dioxide. The product was created with safety and efficiency of reaction as key attributes. It is specially formulated chlorine dioxide that maintains a long shelf life.

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