Dry Sanitation for Food Processing Facilities

For certain food processing plants, there is a need to disinfect surfaces that are meant for dry goods, such as wheat, flour, grains. Bakeries and mills like to keep surfaces cleaned and disinfected for food safety purposes without introducing liquid near their food products. What are solutions available for dry disinfection?

Chlorine dioxide is well documented as an effective biocide, eliminating viral and bacterial pathogens. ClO2 has also been known to be used on food contact surfaces without need for subsequent rinse or removal of the biocide due to the properties of the chemical. And one of the benefits of chlorine dioxide is that it maintains its disinfecting properties in both liquid and gaseous forms. Gas-based chlorine dioxide does not introduce liquid or “wet” onto food contact surfaces, but treats surfaces with a dry chlorine dioxide gas.

How would a mill, grain elevator, or bakery go about utilizing chlorine dioxide for their operations? Depending on the scale of application – treating process lines, specific pieces of equipment, or even transportation vehicles of the food product – chlorine dioxide disinfection can be used through a variety of products or services. A chlorine dioxide generator can be utilized on-site at processing facilities for large applications, or cannister-type chlorine dioxide gas products can be used for smaller applications. Regardless of the desired treatment scale, chlorine dioxide gas can be generated and scaled to the desired treatment size.

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