Chlorine Dioxide Fumigation - Food Plant Treatment

Contaminated food processing facilities can lead to serious health problems. Cleaning and sanitizing food-processing facilities is an integral part of food safety management and must be tailored for each facility based on several factor including a building’s design, temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors.

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New Construction Treatment

Following the construction or the modification of a plant’s operations, consider a proven process to ‘reset the environment’ before operations begin. The result of any construction project can be a challenge to sanitize. It requires an extra procedure and adds safety in the fight against foodborne illnesses.


Contaminated food processing facilities can lead to serious health problems. Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide and less corrosive than o-zone, peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide or chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite).


MobileClean Chlorine Dioxide Generation System

PureLine’s MobileClean is an effective and comprehensive large-scale chlorine dioxide generator sanitation service, producing a 99.9% pure chlorine dioxide gas.  The MobileClean service resets the clock on the micro-biological load and provides the customer with a clean break.   Gas concentrations are digitally monitored and logged throughout an eight-hour gas generation process, assuring target concentrations are achieved, and a successful fumigation treatment has been completed.

After the chlorine dioxide generator is ceased, the treatment area is evacuated of residual gasses, most often facilitated by the customer’s HVAC system.  Whether its post-construction sanitation, concerns about a widespread bacterial outbreak, or simply updating the hygienic design of your facility, the MobileClean service offers the most effective solution to treat your entire facility.  MobileClean is the most cost-effective solution for areas ranging from 100,000 cubic feet up to several million cubic feet.

MobileClean Service

PureFlo Chlorine Dioxide Generation System

The PureFlo chlorine dioxide treatment system works by using PureLine’s Pure 3000 aqueous chlorine dioxide solution to deliver a fast, accurate dosing for targeted applications. Proprietary gas stripping technology allows for a chlorine dioxide treatment to be applied quickly while maximizing disinfection results and minimizing downtime.

The chlorine dioxide rich air from the Pure3000 containers is mixed back into the bulk of the circulation air to produce a clean, dry chlorine dioxide gas stream capable of treating large areas within a few hours, or less, depending on the volume of space being treated.

PureFlo is fully automated and operates via timer-control or via the tethered handheld control unit. Chlorine dioxide gas sensors monitor the gas concentrations in the treatment area throughout the treatment process. Concentration readings are logged throughout the process to ensure chlorine dioxide gas dosage level is reached to treat the environment and provides a detailed report for records/verification purposes. After achieving the dosage level, the system indicates when gas levels have been reduced to a 8-hour OSHA human habitation safety level of 0.1 parts-per-million, and therefore safe to enter the treatment area.

Target applications include silos, tanker trucks, railcars, spiral freezers, piping, and small to medium sized rooms & buildings.

PureFlo Service

pHlorSan Floor and Drain Treatment

pHlorSan is the first and only large-scale liquid chlorine dioxide floor, wall and drain treatment service on the market, providing entire plant or large production area treatment.  Using PureLine’s Pure3000 chlorine dioxide solution, the pHlorSan treatment has the capability to treat bacteria, bio-film and other biological contaminants causing sanitation challenges.  The chlorine dioxide solution contact duration of the target areas is approximately 30 minutes.

The sanitization standard for nonfood contact surfaces is accepted as a reduction of 99.9% (3 logs) within 30 seconds. For chlorine dioxide solution, a 5-ppm solution is effective as a sanitizer with a contact time of at least 1 minute. Further, disinfection is achieved with 100 ppm using a contact time of 10 minutes. pHlorSan is often used in conjunction with a full-service MobileClean or PV treatment.

pHlorSan Floor and Drain Service

Chemicals Used in Treatments

Pure 3000

Generated through our patented, NSF certified HP series generators, Pure 3000 is 3000ppm 99.5% pure chlorine dioxide in containers from 5 gallon pails to 275 gallon totes. Ideal for trials or low demand applications where a generator may be more than is needed. This product is pH neutral and is free of problematic reaction by-products found in other chlorine dioxide solutions. This product is ideal for small cooling systems, CIP applications as well as a host of other disinfection uses.

As with everything PureLine manufactures, safety is always a primary concern. Pure 3000 is a stabilized solution that can be transported and utilized anywhere in the U.S. With available feed configurations, our containers feature Dry-Mate connections that make switching out containers easy. Pure 3000 can be utilized with a smart pump system that is controlled from external residual or flow signals or simply manually fed.

PureCide E

Creating maximum value for our partners is our driving force. With that in mind, we manufacture our own proprietary formulations of 31% and 25% sodium chlorite. With the capability of a full truckload, bulk delivery as well as incremental volumes as small as 5 gallon pails, there is no operation we can’t supply.

Specifically formulated for purity and efficiency of reaction, PureCide®E is ideal for use in our patented HP series generators. Because PureCide®E is made in our own facility, we maintain tight control so lead-times are extremely short for maximum service levels to meet your demands. Manufacturing our own pre-cursor compliments our innovative line of chlorine dioxide generators and our expert team of engineers, chemists, and technicians. The true value is giving our partners a single source for all their chlorine dioxide needs with control of their supply line.

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