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Using a disinfectant listed on the Environmental Protection Agency’s list N is vital because these products have been vetted for quality and effectiveness against killing bacteria. It’s a reassurance that you’re not falling into a scheme of false advertising like so many advertisers have been running since disinfectant demands spiked.


What Is the EPA’s List N?

The EPA’s List N is a categorized listing of approved disinfectants in the emerging viral pathogen program, also known as new pathogen-approved disinfectants. List N is strictly for disinfectants that kill COVID.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each product on List N is expected to destroy all strains and variants of the coronavirus when used according to the product’s directions.

As of now, their database holds 594 different cleaning products, including PureLine’s Pure 100 disinfectant.


Why Is the N List Important?

So many companies have made false claims about their product since the rise of COVID. As a result, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent out cease and desist letters to dozens of companies promoting claims unverified by the EPA.

The N list serves as a reliable database for consumers to identify valid products that have been tested and proven to fight COVID-19. If a product is on their list, you can trust that you’re purchasing a certified, approved, and efficient disinfectant.


EPA’s List N Tool

Anyone can browse the EPA’s List N using the free List N Tool. It works just like an online searchable database. To find a product on the list, locate the EPA Regulatory Number on the product’s label. Then, enter the first two sets of numbers into the number search option.

You can also search by active ingredient, use site, surface types, and contact time. The List N Tool allows you to browse all listed products at once or search by keyword for simplicity’s sake.


Experience a True Clean with Pure 100

Keep your home, hospital, or business safe by prioritizing safe contact surfaces. Pure 100 is a one-step germicidal spray disinfectant cleaner that destroys bacteria, viruses, and eliminates odors.

Simply spray on surfaces and leave it to work its magic. No wiping is required. Pure 100 uses oxidation to address odors on a molecular level.

Though powerful, this medical-grade spray disinfectant is gentle – neutral pH, no harsh chemicals, no noxious fumes, and no harmful Volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

You can find out more about Pure 100 and PureLine’s disinfecting solutions by contacting our team.