Middle East and North Africa

PureLine entered into the Middle East and North Africa market in 2015, bringing our expertise in the manufacture and commissioning of chlorine dioxide generators and chemical, along with our experience supporting the oil and gas clients to the O&G capital of the world.

Services and Solutions


PureLine’s chemicals and generation equipment are used at desalination facilities for treatment in water systems. As RO membranes are taxed, biofouling becomes increasingly a problem. PureLine’s chlorine dioxide can keep biofouling under control.


PureLine’s on-site chlorine dioxide generation solves municipal water treatment needs being an effective biocide, oxidant, and disinfectant at relatively low concentrations. ClO2 leaves behind minimum byproducts formed from the treatment process, as a filterable water-soluble sodium ion, while being very reactive in water killing bacteria and microorganisms with ease.


Pureline offers water transfer services for pit to pit and fracturing efforts. An array of 600 and 325 HP pumps coupled with 12” HDPE/TPE hose accommodate fresh and produced water transfers. Automation is the name of the game. Many companies speak of it but PureLine delivers. Pump start/stop, pump speed, pump monitoring (fuel consumption, battery charge, inlet/outlet pressures, coolant temperature etc.), tank and pit level sensing and cascading pump control based upon flow set rates are all components of PAWS (PureLine Automated Water System).


Above ground storage tanks are treated to manage H2S, destroy bacteria, or settle out wanted metals. PureLine has available monitoring systems and technologies as part of treating tanks.

Municipal Water


PureLine incorporates three-precursor, on-site generation of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to effectively treat hydraulic fracturing water on the fly. Fresh water and up to 100% produced water are treated at rates up to, and exceeding, 100 barrels per minute. Redundant systems guarantee uptime (99.97%). Oxidation of H2S, FeS (and other sulfides), SRB (sulfate reducing bacteria), APB (acid producing bacteria) coupled low residual levels of chlorine dioxide offers treated frac water that does not adversely affect frac fluid systems. Live feed monitoring offers clients a 24/7 view of treatment dose, residual chlorine dioxide, pH levels and water flow to ensure total treatment. Mobile units are staffed 24 hours/day.

Seawater Desalination Facility

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