Chlorine Dioxide Mold Odor Control

Whether the damage is caused by water from a recent storm or from a perpetually humid environment, mold can create serious health problems. PureLine offers multiple chemical treatment options for odor control.

Services and Solutions

Air Treatment for A/C Units

Realtors and Home Owners alike use PureLine’s chlorine dioxide gas, PV, to eliminate airborne odors caused by mold. Typical clients “smell humidity” in their home and cannot get rid of this lingering smell. This can often be attributed to unseen mold growth in A/C ducts that are being circulated throughout the home. PureLine’s PV can be placed within the A/C duct, and distributed throughout the home to eliminate and remove odors.

Typical fogging or liquid solutions can cause harm to A/C ducts, but due to PV creating a “true gas”, this is a dry treatment that doesn’t introduce ‘wet’ into the system.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Similar to Air Treatments, chlorine dioxide gas is used in isolated rooms that are experiencing recurring smells due unseen mold or mildew growth. PureLine’s PV chlorine dioxide gas canister can be activated in enclosed rooms where the gas expands to fill the enclosed room (or container). Similar to middle school sciences, real gasses expand to touch all surfaces that air can touch, and a chlorine dioxide gas treatment can treat those hard to reach nooks, crannies, and areas that are missed through traditional spray or wipes.

Spray Solutions

Active mold on surfaces or drywall should always be removed from a home or facility by professional mold remediators. PureLine’s liquid chlorine dioxide solutions are repurposed for professionals to spray on hard, non-porous surfaces that present with mildew. Contact us to learn more!

Chlorine Dioxide Effectiveness

The Environmental Protection Agency approved chlorine dioxide as a sterilant in 1988. Sterilant technologies and chemicals are recognized to eliminate 99.9999% of pathogenic contaminants, which include bacterial spores and even mold spores.

Mold Spores vs. Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Chlorine dioxide gas is capable of eliminating bacterial spores, legionella, salmonella, and other harmful microorganisms, including mold spores. One of the characteristics of a chlorine dioxide gas molecule is its size of 100 picometers, which is almost 30,000 times smaller than a mold spore! As part of natural gas laws, the smaller chlorine dioxide gas molecule will expand and interact to the larger mold spore with its oxidizing characteristics.

PureLine’s water-activated chlorine dioxide gas solution, PV, is made strictly for odor removal and control.