Chlorine Dioxide Gas Solutions

PureLine’s PV Chlorine Dioxide Gas Canister

PV doesn’t cover up or mask odors. PV Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2 ) works by penetrating the cell wall of a microorganism and disrupting its metabolic functions. This immediately and permanently eliminates an odor at its source. PV ClO2 gas canisters are designed for smaller enclosed spaces – ideal for closed rooms and vehicles. Our powerful oxidizing formula eliminates any odor at its source:
  • Smoke
  • Marijuana
  • Pet Byproducts
  • Bodily Fluids
  • Foul Food Odors
  • Decaying Organic Matter
  • Much More.

PVSR – Slow Release Chlorine Dioxide Gas

Designed in a Slow Release format, PVSR lasts up to 30 days releasing slow dose chlorine dioxide. Open the packaging and remove the inner pouch. Hang or place the pouch near the source of any odor, and enjoy powerful odor elimination up to 30 days. Multiple pouches can be used in treating larger areas.

Odor Control in Water Treatment

In addition to enclosed areas, PureLine’s chlorine dioxide generators treat water systems for unpleasant odor and taste. Through our generators, we neutralize and eliminate the source of the odor and unpleasant taste causing agents within water systems. Choose PureLine for effective and reliable odor management.

Chlorine Dioxide vs. Ozone

One of the more common oxidizing agents broadly used is ozone. Despite its relatively common use as an oxidizer, ozone can produce dangerous byproducts and damage commonly found materials, such as steel and leather. “Materials such as rubber, electrical wire coatings, and fabrics” can be susceptible to bleaching or other damage from ozone use,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA, 1996). When used at proper concentrations, chlorine dioxide is not corrosive to such materials.