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Oil and Gas Service Plans


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Service plans a relationship with PureLine goes on for the life of your generator. The experts that design and manufacture our equipment are the same people that service the generator in the field. With almost 20 years of installation history we have compiled service plans to meet the needs of every type of customer and generator application.

Maintaining the generator with regular preventative maintenance ensures reliable operation and maximizes the useful life of your equipment. As a critical part of maintaining the warranty on your equipment, regular maintenance also ensures maximum efficiency which helps minimize your cost for pre-cursor chemical. Below is a summary of the plans we offer.

Our Bronze Plan is basic preventative maintenance. This is a great plan for our smaller generators and machines that are run intermittently and not critical to the operation of your daily business.

The silver plan offers the same benefits of the Bronze plan except it includes 4 total PM visits and also includes 1 emergency visit during the year. Perhaps the greatest value of the silver plan is that it includes changing the electrolytic cells during the year. Doing so ensures maximum reaction efficiency and helps keep your chemical costs as low as possible. This plan is perfect for higher production machines that run continuously but that are not necessarily critical for the operation of your business.

The Platinum Plan is also known as a no worries plan. It encompasses all the benefits of the silver plan but also includes unlimited emergency visits and necessary repair parts. This is a perfect plan for those owners of generators where the operation of the equipment directly affects your day-to-day business. It is also ideal for those that don’t employ a dedicated service staff within their organization.