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Chlorine Dioxide Solutions

Regardless of your industry or requirements, PureLine can provide full service consulting and engineering support for your unique air, surface, and water treatment needs. Additionally, PureLine’s portfolio of business and consumer products can provide quick and easy-to-use treatment and deodorizing!

PureVista Works in Bars

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Ozone to Remove Odors from Cars

Ozone can have bleaching effects on textiles and could potentially create dangerous byproducts.

How Chlorine Dioxide Eliminates Musty, Pervasive Car Odors

Chlorine dioxide works to eliminate odors at the source instead of masking them.

Car Air Fresheners: Odor Cover-Up at Best, Negative Health Effects at Worst

Car air fresheners can temporarily mask pesky odors, but scientists fear the products might have harmful long-term health impacts for users.

4 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Use Disinfectants in Your Home

You should regularly use disinfectants in your home. Why? A clean environment makes for a happy, healthy environment.   P.S. The EPA listed products that can be used to fight COVID-19 and destroy the virus on surfaces. Our product, the Pure 100 disinfectant, is...

Case: The Montclair Police Department

The police department first began using PureLine’s products during the Spring of 2020. They were searching for disinfection products and replacements for Lysol and Clorox sprays but could not find any replacement products that could be delivered. They found PureLine...

PureVista is Extremely Effective in Getting Rid of Odors

Q:  Please tell us why you use PureLine products in your business. A:  I use PureLine’s PureVistaTM, because I believe the product has a unique advantage for eliminating mold related odor for real estate. PureVistaTM is extremely effective in getting rid of...

Proven to Remove Odors from Autos and RVs

A trip to the dog park. A visit to the veterinarian. A Sunday afternoon drive. These short trips with your pet in your vehicle can leave an odor in your automobile, truck, or SUV. Now imagine going on a long trip in your vehicle or RV? Hours of your precious pet in...

Is Your Deep Clean Deep Enough?

Over the next few weeks, many schools will close for Fall break sending students home for the week. During this time, facility managers will spend hours doing their best to deep clean the entire campus. However, if you are an administrator, how do you know for sure...


For many consumer facing businesses, PureLine’s PureVista Chlorine Dioxide is a superior solution.


PureLine offers PureVista, a portable, water-activated, chlorine dioxide (ClO2) traetment system that has the power to clean surfaces and facility air with unmatched effectiveness.

PureVista creates pure chlorine dioxide gas on-site making it perfect for routine or emergency cleaning. PureVista is inexpensive and can be scaled to the specifications of any facility to deliver an effective dosage. PureVista is made for mold, mildew, and odor elimination treatment.


The treatment significantly reduces the element of human error of missed surfaces from other options. PureLine’s chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas treatments expand to clean any surface touched by air.

Chlorine Dioxide Eliminate Odors from Autos and RVs


PureVista treatments are completed in 4 to 8 hours and leave no residue, so there is no need for cleanup following an application.

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Safety is one of the cornerstones of the airline industry. Passengers freely travel with an expectation the plane and cabin are clean giving them a sense of security. Are you confident that your methods of wiping down the cabin and cockpit are entirely successful? You can assure your passengers that your aircraft has been properly cleaned by using PureLine’s PureVista.



The fitness industry has for years had the challenge of keeping their facilities clean during peak usage to ensure the health and safety of both guests and employes. On average, a cleaning service would cost between $25 and $60 per hour with deeper cleaning typically costing more.

As a facility owner, you can be confident that you are effectively cleaning your facility.


Offering solutions for high traffic areas and creating better overall atmosphere for visitors. Hotel rooms and cruise ships can easily become victim of hard to eliminate mold, smoke and other unpleasant odors.

PureVista is the first and only product to create chlorine dioxide gas on-site making it easy to use for eliminating strong odors and mold at their source. PureVista is a portable, water-activated chlorine dioxide gas generation technology that has the power to clean any hotel rooms and cruise ship.

Chlorine Dioxide - Safe for the Environment
School Disinfection


Educational institutions have for years implemented safety measures keep their facilities clean to ensure the health and safety of students, faculty and staff. Cleaning classrooms, dining facilities and student housing from mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria can be costly to staff without any guarantees that the efforts to clean are effective.

As an administrator, you can be confident that you are effectively cleaning your buildings and classrooms with PureLine’s PureVista.


If your organization qualifies for a chlorine dioxide treatment, visit our store below to purchase PureLine’s PureVista Chlorine Dioxide Gas!

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