Police Department Services

Police keep our cities safe, and PureLine provides disinfection products to serve police fleets. From vehicles, to body armor, handcuffs, and boots, PureLine’s disinfection solutions serve the needs of today’s first responders.

Cleaning and sanitizing equipment is an integral part of the longevity of police department gear. Fleet vehicles can be subjected to lingering foul odors. Reusing equipment can feel like new with proper disinfection or cleaning, and PureLine has solutions available that are quick, easy, and do not degrate technology or important equipment.

Services and Solutions

Vehicle Treatment

PV is a portable, water-activated system that has the power to clean surfaces, equipment, and compartment air with unmatched effectiveness. 

PV chlorine dioxide generation system creates pure chlorine dioxide gas on-site making it perfect for routine or emergency cleaning for police vehicles. Simply activate the PV canister in the vehicle for a four hour treatment period (best conducted in the evening, do not treat while the vehicle is subjected to UV light). After the four-hour period, simply close and throw away the canister. There is no post-treatment cleanup required.

Mechanics and technology outfitted within the vehicle are not subject to harm due to the low corrosion potential of chlorine dioxide at the concentrations provided by the PV canister. PV is the perfect solution for odor control needs.

Gear and Body Armor

Pure 100 is an EPA-approved disinfection and odor eliminator spray, made of PureLine’s high quality chlorine dioxide and water. Pure 100 is hospital-grade powerful enough to disinfect viruses and bacteria within a healthcare setting, yet gentle enough to disinfect childrens’ toys at home. 

Pure 100 is the ideal solution to disinfect and remove odors on body armor, hand cuffs, boots, uniforms, and everyday gear and materials. You can spray Pure 100 and leave it to air dry on equipment without needing to subsequently rinse the materials on hand. Simple to use, and effective for disinfection needs.