Dr. Bhadriraju Subramanyam (Dr. Subi)

Dr Subi of Kansas State is a great PureLine resource

Bob Sullivan of PureLine teaches a class at KSU

PureLine and Kansas State have developed a New Chlorine Dioxide Application. PureLine met Dr. Subi nearly 6 years ago.  Dr. Subi has been pioneering the use of chlorine dioxide as an insecticide in stored grains.  The world has issues with insects and mycotoxins invading a destroying grains.  Dr. Subi has spent his life in pursuit of insect control in grains.  He is an amazing man with world-wide influence.  PureLine is proud to be apart of Dr. Subi’s work and research.

Recently Bob Sullivan visited Kansas State to learn about Dr. Subi and his team’s progress regarding chlorine dioxide effectiveness on insects in stored grains.  The results are extremely promising.  Bugs that are resistant to chemicals are not resistant to chlorine dioxide.  Mr. Sullivan wanted to know if a 90%+ eradication of  insects in 4 hours was good.  The blank stare by Dr. Subi removed all doubt that the results were tremendous.   Without PureLine’s patent technology this would not be possible.

Bob Sullivan Discusses Chlorine Dioxide at KSU

The visit to the KSU campus got better as Bob Sullivan was a guest lecturer for Dr. Subi’s class.  The exchange with the students was energetic and fulfilling.