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PureLine continues to be a leader in water treatment options in the oil and gas industry with custom equipment and expertise to cater to unique geographical environmental challenges.

“For decades, the O&G industry has exerted minimum effort in meeting this challenge and the time is now. We are on the precipice of breakthrough technologies to clean up our fields and our water,” said Anne Street, Co-Owner/CEO of Echo Production. “This is a win/win not only for our industry and environment but has economic benefit for all parties including oil producers, farmers, communities and families”. It is Anne’s objective to treat Echo’s produced wastewater so that farmers could have an abundance of water for non-edible crops such as cotton through its “CleanOnGreen” ESG initiative to treat oil field wastewater.

To implement Anne’s vision to clean production wastewater, Echo has partnered with PureLine Treatment Systems, LLC.  “PureLine’s decades of experience within the O & G industry treating wastewater is a perfect match to Echo’s ESG initiative to treat oil field wastewater for reuse. Our JV with Echo Production will use PureLine’s proprietary methodologies with the goal of eliminating harmful microbials that will provide water for non-edible crop production,” said Bob Sullivan, CEO of PureLine.

PureLine is an expert in the manufacturing, generation, and application of chlorine dioxide solutions. PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide treatment solutions utilizing our broad line of proven chlorine dioxide generators and chemical solutions to treat water systems and disinfect harmful microbials. PureLine offers O&G Solutions of on-the-fly frac water treatments, tank treatments, saltwater disposal, well stimulations, and line clean-outs.

Echo Production, Inc. is a 70+ year old independent oil and gas producer, with production in nine North Texas counties. The company’s reputation as an efficient operator provides additional value to our investors and partners. Due to market perturbations, the company launched its growth strategy called “Horizon”. With capital infusion and three new O&G experts on the Board of Directors, Echo is positioned to realize rapid growth and value creation in the near term to navigate today’s tempest energy market.

For inquires or further information, please contact info@pureline.com and info@echoproduction.com or visit Echo Production at www.echoproduction.com and PureLine at  www.pureline.com.