PureLine Featured in Food Safety News

Food Safety News is an internationally-renowned publication with 17,000,000 pageviews in the past year alone. Founded in 2009 by food safety attorney Bill Marler, FSN is an industry leader in food safety publications, reaching food industry professionals, government personnel, and individual consumers alike. The newspaper features updates on foodborne illness outbreaks, groundbreaking scientific publications, and safety-promoting policies and regulations. Over the past month, Food Safety News has highlighted the power of chlorine dioxide in innovating industry sanitation processes, specifically mentioning PureLine as a trusted source of the product. FSN published three pieces titled “When water is the enemy; sanitizing in dry food processing environments”, “Sanitizing in new food processing facilities”, and “Chlorine dioxide: The last line of defense in sanitizing food processing facilities”, all highlighting the powerful antibacterial and antiviral qualities of chlorine dioxide.

In “Chlorine dioxide: The last line of defense in sanitizing food processing facilities”, the Food Safety News team outlines the power of chlorine dioxide in resetting the environment after a persistent outbreak of microorganisms like Listeria or E. coli. Routine cleaning and sanitation, according to the piece, can often not be sufficient in entirely controlling the environment, as harmful organisms can linger in drains or sneakily burrow in crevices of food processing equipment. The piece quotes PureLine Vice President of Business Development, Jared Torgeson, who argues for resetting the environment with chlorine dioxide by saying “chlorine dioxide gas is a non-corrosive, antimicrobial problem solver that brings plants back to sanitary conditions without introducing moisture into the environment.” The article examines general health standards set by the FDA’s sanitation controls, the EPA’s & OSHA’s chemical regulations for human health, and the USDA’s National Organic Program standards, finding that chlorine dioxide sanitation indeed passes these strict health and safety regulations while still being a powerful compound for killing pesky germs and halting persistent microorganism growth.

Building off of the aforementioned quote from PureLine expert, Mr. Jared Torgeson, the November 21st article titled “When water is the enemy: sanitizing in dry food processing environments” expands on the power of chlorine dioxide in decontaminating dry food processing environments. Because water can add a risk in sanitizing low moisture food processing environments, the article poses chlorine dioxide gas as an effective sanitizing solution. Moisture can lead to immense microbial growth, which can be disastrous for dry feed, spices, and a number of other low-moisture foods. In a dry food processing environment, experts recommend cleaning from the top down using scrapers and brushes to loosen soil, and then removing this loosened soil with a HEPA filter-fitted vacuum prior to using an FDA-approved sanitizer. For a more efficacious sanitization, the piece suggests a chlorine dioxide gas treatment, which can, as previously mentioned, fully reset the environment.

Lastly, Food Safety News featured chlorine dioxide in “Sanitizing in new food processing facilities”, which outlines action steps for ensuring safety in newly-constructed food processing plants. Facility design, equipment setup, and collection buildup points can all make individual facility decontamination look different, but Commercial Food Sanitation consultant Nathan Mirdamadi is quoted as saying that PureLine’s chlorine dioxide gas is “a great tool in the toolbox” of preparing new food processing facilities for action.

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