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PureLine Quoted in Health Facilities Magazine

PureLine’s CEO Bob Sullivan was recently quoted in the Health Facilities Management magazine, a distribution of the American Society for Health Care Engineering for the article Water quality vendors address hospital needs.

The author, Neal Lorenzi, surveys water quality and treatment vendors to understand the challenges treating healthcare water systems, how vendors help providers minimize risk of infection through water systems, and even the role that fixtures play in safe water access.

PureLine is referenced, and Bob is quoted:

“PureLine Treatment Systems LLC, Bensenville, Ill., specializes in the manufacture, generation and application of chlorine dioxide. Its solutions center on treating hospital water systems to prevent and remediate biofilm where harmful microorganisms can grow and lead to health care-associated infections. To that end, the company has introduced an on-site chlorine dioxide generation system, the HP Chlorine Dioxide Generator, which feeds into hospital water systems to inhibit biofilm and protect water systems and patients from Legionella. 

“PureLine’s electrochemical cells produce a 99.5% pure, chlorine-free, chlorine dioxide solution with a single-precursor liquid,” says CEO Bob Sullivan. “The pure chlorine dioxide is delivered on demand, safely and efficiently, without the need for an external storage tank. The system can feed multiple dosage points simultaneously, allowing for several applications from a single generator.” Also, the equipment continually measures chlorine dioxide residual to ensure the system is in compliance.”

PureLine’s Chlorine Dioxide Generators

PureLine is one of nine vendors identified in the article as providing an effective or innovative technology for health care facilities. PureLine manufactures equipment generating on-site chlorine dioxide for small, medium, and large hospitals.

If you are curious to learn whether your health care facility is a candidate for the elimination of biofilm and legionella with a chlorine dioxide generator, fill out the form below and a PureLine chlorine dioxide expert will reach out to discuss your business needs!

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