PureLine’s Chlorine Dioxide Generator Controls Pathogens in Chilled Loop

Recently, PureLine installed an HP Series Generator at a dairy in California; this case study is a perfect example of PureLine’s customizable pathogen control capabilities. The dairy had a large process chilled loop that frequently became contaminated with milk products, which allowed a variety of bacteria to grow. Since the chilled loop is considered a potential source of food contact, the bacteria in the chilled water had to be maintained below detectable limits to comply with regulatory requirements.

For over twenty years prior, the dairy had used a variety of industry-standard non-oxidizing and oxidizing biocides in an effort to remedy the bacterial growth. These non-oxidizers were ineffective for the dairy in terms of both cost and efficacy. The products hadn’t been able to penetrate the slime layers that formed in conditions found under the chilled water loop, meaning that there was a rapid recovery of bacteria levels in the circulated water. Thus, frequent high-dose shock treatments were required to treat the contamination, but these were, of course, costly and created a significant increase in organic loading. Moreover, the oxidizing biocides used were all classified as “surface burning agents”, meaning that the oxidizing biocides at dosages to meet the demand of the bacteria and achieve a successful kill created noticeable corrosion.

After over twenty years of struggling through various ineffective non-oxidizing biocides and corrosive oxidizing treatments, the client reached out to PureLine and settled on installing a PureLine as HP Series chlorine dioxide generator. By just using one precursor, PureLine’s electrochemical chlorine dioxide gas generation system produces a pure gas stream; the generators are equipped with a state-of-the-art control package that makes operating this gas stream easy and allows for immediate automatic response to disinfectant demand. The client was also pleased to note that this effective chlorine dioxide generation did not add to the organic loading or produce significant corrosive salts or outside fluids.

PureLine’s expert team was able to implement a successful treatment program that was easy for plant operators to implement, even with the hectic schedule constraints typical at today’s dairy production facilities. Plant maintenance requirements were significantly limited with PureLine’s safe and reliable technology and professional support services, now limiting daily routine system monitoring on a minute by minute basis. Indeed, PureLine’s chlorine dioxide gas generators are an excellent alternative to biocide in applications where there are persistent pathogens, heavy organic or other contaminant loading, or system conditions that reduce contact time. If these are at all relevant to you and your business, fill out the form below to learn more about PureLine’s generators and other disinfectant solutions.