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Q:  Please tell us why you use PureLine products in your business.

A:  I use PureLine’s PureVistaTM, because I believe the product has a unique advantage for eliminating mold related odor for real estate. PureVistaTM is extremely effective in getting rid of these odors. Realtors call me because they “smell humidity”. In my experience, 99% of the time there is odor causing mold in the air ducting.

Q:  How do you use PureLine’s PureVistaTM product in a home?

A:  I place PureVistaTM canisters in the air ducts – typical mold remediators don’t do this.

Q:  Tell us how does this work and why do you do this.

A:  I will activate a couple PV 100’s in the air duct and then turn the A/C fan to “On” instead of “Auto”. This allows the chlorine dioxide solution to be circulated everywhere in the house, eliminating airborne mold particles, and removing the “humid” smell.

Q:  Anything else you want to share with realtors and families?

A:  Due to the concentration of chlorine dioxide released throughout the house, the family and pets need to leave the premises for a few hours during the treatment. Upon coming back, the humid smell and airborne mold particles have been eliminated!

About PureLine:

With over 20 years of experience in the manufacture, generation, and application of chlorine dioxide solutions, PureLine specializes in designing and implementing chlorine dioxide treatment solutions utilizing our broad line of proven chlorine dioxide generators and chemical solutions to control and inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor causing bacteria.