PureVista Works in BarsYou might be surprised at the number of tourists lined up to visit Honky Tonks in downtown Nashville, TN. Foot traffic isn’t what it used to be prior to the pandemic, but the magnetism of Nashville is still drawing tourists to the bars that boast the names of Country Music’s biggest stars. With sustained visits to bars, local establishments have taken additional precautions to provide a sanitized environment for tourists.

PureLine has been told horror stories of external companies performing disinfection, which have actually hurt instead of helped Honky Tonks. For example: chemical residue left on walls multiple weeks, sanitizing chemicals sprayed or wiped on historic autographed acoustic guitars, and corrosive reactions on the electronics of the audio systems.

It was with pleasure that PureLine visited a Nashville Honky Tonk last week to perform a chlorine dioxide gas sanitation service with PureVistaTM, a proven disinfectant that leaves no residue, no harmful biproducts, and is 100% compatible with materials such as carpet, cloth, electronics, and any surface that the gas contacts.

PureVista is a water activated chlorine dioxide gas solution, that completely deodorizes and sanitizes surfaces and air within a few short hours overnight. The benefit of a gas is that it allows for every nook and cranny within a contained room to be sanitized. A true gas (compared to a chemical fogger) expands to fill the entire treatment area. Bar managers can have a level of confidence that the surfaces (top, bottom, and underneath) of every high top table and chair have been sanitized, without relying on the employee closing team to spend hours sanitizing the area before leaving work.PureVista Works in Bars - chlorine dioxide treatment

Setup and activation of this easy to use system occurred at 11 pm. In less than ten minutes, PureLine activated less than 20 PureVistaTM 50-gram canisters throughout three different floors of a Nashville Honky Tonk. With the bar closed and personnel headed home, the PureVista chlorine dioxide system did its work. Within a few short hours, the PureVistaTM canisters did the work that would have taken several hours if they had to pay employees to wipe down every surface in every inch of the bar. PureVista sanitized and disinfected all exposed surfaces on all three floors of the Honky Tonk. Upon returning in the morning to reopen the bar, the used PureVista canisters were simply thrown away in the normal course of trash removal.

One of the benefits of using PureVista for disinfection and sanitation is that the chlorine dioxide gas also works as a deodorizer, removing the typical bar “aromas” of sweat, stale beer and smelly bathrooms. As a Nashville resident who typically views Broadway as a tourist attraction, the post treatment “clean” smell made me dream of an exciting and enjoyable gameday Titans or Predators watch party experience.

PureLine’s PureVista is not the only disinfection, deodorizing, sanitizer product available on the market, but it sure is one of the easiest and most effective. If your restaurant or bar is looking to perform routine or emergency sanitizing with confidence, PureVista will make your life much easier.


If you need a solution for disinfecting your restaurant, PureLine’s Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) gas solution can be tailored for your specific decontamination needs. To place an order, click on the banner below to order PureVistaTM online.

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