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A town’s water supply is its lifeblood. Municipal water facilities are responsible for delivering a safe, clean supply of water to homes and businesses. If water reservoirs and systems are left improperly treated, the municipality could have a sick population on its hands, not to mention hundreds of angry customers.

According to the CDC, approximately 5% of large water-treatment facilities (those serving 100K+ people) in the US use chlorine dioxide to treat tap water. Keep reading to learn why chlorine dioxide is used to treat municipal water and why it’s an effective option.


Are you looking for a solution to your municipal water supply? PureLine’s chlorine dioxide generators are used in a number of municipalities to treat their water.


Why Chlorine Dioxide Is Used to Treat Municipal Water

Chlorine dioxide (also known as ClO2) is used in municipal water treatment, because it is an effective biocide, oxidant, and disinfectant at relatively low concentrations.

Leaves Little trace

The chemical is very reactive in water, killing bacteria and microorganisms with ease and leaving behind minimal byproducts formed from the treatment process. Chlorine dioxide produces only a water-soluble ion of sodium.

Kills Common Parasites

Chlorine dioxide can kill harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other water-based microbes to help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases without hydrolyzing. Chlorine dioxide successfully destroys some common types of parasites that can make people sick, such as Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia.

More Soluble Than Chlorine

Once dissolved in water, chlorine dioxide will stay as liquefied gas in the solution. It is approximately 10x more soluble than its cousin, chlorine, and it can be removed via simple aeration. Its potency, solubility, and safety make it an appealing option for tap water sanitization.


Chlorine Dioxide Provides Safe Water Treatment

The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes chlorine dioxide as a safe drinking water disinfectant. The maximum allowed concentration of chlorine dioxide in tap water at ≤0.80 ppm, which is unharmful to human health. The disinfectant is also included in the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for quality drinking water.


Treat Municipal Water Systems with Chlorine Dioxide Generators

Keep your water supply clean and bacteria-free with the aid of ClO2. PureLine has developed a variety of chlorine dioxide generators to address the many challenges municipal facilities face.

But best of all, we have the technology and expertise to design chlorine dioxide generators to meet the specific needs of your facility. That means we can build you a custom, turn-key generator intended to withstand even the most demanding requirements.

You can find out more about the PureLine range of drinking water treatment generators by contacting our team.

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