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Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment and Services

PureLine offers a complete line of products to meet the chlorine dioxide water treatment needs of the industrial, commercial, and institutional marketplace.

Services and Solutions

Boiler Water Treatments

Maintaining the clean and efficient operation of your boilers is important. A deposit of just 1/16 inch can result in an efficiency loss of up to 20%. Heavier deposits can lead to tube overheating and failure. PureLine offers a variety of boiler water-treating compounds designed to help control oxygen corrosion, scale, and sludge deposits, condensate corrosion, and more.

PureLine also offers chlorine dioxide water treatment products to help maintain pre-treatment equipment such as water softeners and reverse osmosis units. Water softener resin can become fouled with iron or manganese. Resin fouling reduces the capacity of the softener and results in high feed-water hardness and boiler deposits. Reverse osmosis membranes can become fouled with mineral scales or microbiological growth. Membrane fouling leads to reduced capacity, more frequent cleanings, and membrane deterioration. Your PureLine representative can choose the right program for you.

Cooling Water Treatments

Above ground storage tanks are treated to manage H2S, destroy bacteria, or settle out wanted metals. PureLine has available monitoring systems and technologies as part of treating tanks.

Water and Waste Water

PureLine offers a complete line of wastewater and chlorine dioxide water treatment products and services. Our field technical specialists work with customers to optimize and improve their influent or effluent water quality. Whether it’s a reduction of turbidity, BOD, COD, or odor, improving sludge dewatering, or removing heavy metals, PureLine can help achieve your discharge, disposal, and regulatory goals.

Pond Treatment

Water storage ponds can be plagued with algae, sulfides from putrefaction, and undesirable contaminants like soluble iron and soluble organics. Eliminating algae and rotting bottoms is vitally important for the long-term health of a pond. These contaminants can cause odor problems and reduce the functional volume of the pond. PureLine provides chemical oxidizers and mechanical applications technologies to rid ponds of algae, rotting egg odors, soluble metals, and organics that contribute to elevated COD numbers. All of this without concern for halogenating these organics, forming bio-recalcitrant, toxic compounds.

Liquids and Solids Separation

PureLine understands and uses all of the chemical and mechanical tools common to the liquids/solids separation industry from flotation cells, media and membrane filters, and cyclonic technologies. Our expertise is in solutions development that meet operational and financial objectives.

PureLine technical champions include more than 100 years in water and water solids, and oil/water management. Collectively we understand the science and technology in the targeted disruption of interfacial tensions which resist desired separations. Whether your application is forming gels, removing oil and/or suspended solids from process streams, removing or destroying soluble organics, PureLine has the knowledge and the determination required to provide financially viable solutions.

Water and wastewater processing for Mining, Steel, HPI/CPI, and other secondary and tertiary industries, such as Pharma and the destruction of complex organics; PureLine can and wants to help.

Our solutions are mechanical and chemical with an emphasis on the mechanical to minimize consumables in the operating environment.

Reverse Osmosis Products

Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology is an increasingly popular method used to provide high purity water for industrial processes, potable water, waste treatment, water reclamation, and many other applications. In the process of producing high purity water, RO systems concentrate ions and other contaminants. As a result, the brine concentrate and the softened water can experience scaling, deposition, microbiological fouling, and membrane degradation.

PureLine’s product line includes inhibitors for the range of problems in the Reverse Osmosis system, including chlorine dioxide which, unlike chlorine, does not attack the membranes. PureLine’s experience and technical support laboratory provide the expertise required to identify problems and make the right recommendations to improve system integrity and performance.

Chlorine dioxide, at low dosages, will clean up and keep RO membranes clean from biofouling. Unlike chlorine, chlorine dioxide at low dosages will not damage the membranes, eliminating the need for “dechlorination” programs.

Feed and Control

PureLine views equipment solutions as more than simply a means to ensure that chemicals are fed into a system. We consider a number of factors: safety, design, efficiency, communications, and environmental impact, to be important when we engineer a viable equipment solution for a customer’s facility.

Of course, a major part of any successful water treatment program is quality feed and control equipment. Without such properly installed and configured equipment, it is not possible to properly dispense the chemicals or to control the system parameters that are designed to protect the water system.

We at PureLine offer the newest technologies available in water treatment controls, storage, testing, and feed equipment. Custom water treatment control and feed system design and implementation assistance is available from our team of engineers as part of a customer’s total water treatment program.

Water Systems Consulting

If you are experiencing operational deficiencies, need to increase throughput, experiencing environment discharge shortfalls, condensate system corrosion failures or any challenge associated with water systems operations, design capability, chemical treatment programs…

PureLine offers an experienced, expert staff of engineers, chemists, and technicians to partner with our clients in designing, implementing, and supporting custom solutions focused on the unique problems they face. Offering a single source for all of your treatment needs, and a willingness to work with your existing water treatment company are just a couple reasons a lifelong partnership with PureLine has such great value. Contact PureLine today!

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