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Chlorine Dioxide and Hydrogen Peroxide

Water Treatment

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PureLine houses expertise in the application of multiple chemical oxidants including chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. Each oxidant has characteristics which lend advantages and disadvantages depending on the application.

Chlorine Dioxide – Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective biological control chemical that not only controls biological fouling but actively removes biological accumulations. This chemical oxidant is preferred in utility water systems including cooling water system treatments, potable water production, electrical utility condenser protection, and the destruction of specific, soluble organics.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is often the product of choice in sulfide removal in industrial applications such as Coker quench and pit water, putrefaction byproducts in water storage ponds, and destruction of multiple soluble organics such as phenolics.

The selection of the proper chemical oxidant requires expertise in redox reactions and the chemistry of the various, industrial oxidants available. PureLine maintains that expertise, the science and applications technology of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide among other chemical, electrochemical, and ultraviolet oxidation products.