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Pond Treatment

Water Treatment

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Water storage ponds can be plagued with algae, sulfides from putrefaction, and undesirable contaminants like soluble iron and soluble organics. Eliminating algae and rotting bottoms is vitally important for the long-term health of an industrial water storage pond. These contaminants can cause odor problems and reduce the functional volume of the pond. PureLine provides chemical oxidizers, like chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, and mechanical applications technologies to rid ponds of algae, rotting egg odors, soluble metals, and organics that contribute to elevated COD numbers. All of this without concern for halogenating these organics, forming bio-recalcitrant, toxic compounds.

Treating Ponds is Scientific

Treating ponds can take more science than we generally believe. Thermal gradients in ponds can cause a protective environment to exist in the colder areas while the warmer water is very well treated. PureLine knows how to integrate mixing energy into the treatment program, through the intakes to our treatment system and or the operation of existing circulating capability.

Mobile CleanTreatments can be spot or ongoing involving fixed asset feeders or PureLine trucks. PureLine trucks arrive at the site and are hooked up by PureLine certified professional personnel. Water is pumped through the PureLine equipment where algae is controlled, sulfides and soluble metals and organics are oxidized.

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