Businesses are slowly opening back up across the country, but there is still a sense of hesitancy for customers. Many are worried and asking how safe it is. Restaurants especially want customers back in their establishments.

The former CEO of McDonald’s USA and Chairman of FAT Brands, appeared Friday, April 17, on the Varney & Co Show on Fox Business. He spoke about ways for restaurants to become the champions of the hospitality industry by resetting to make it safe for customers and employees to go back to work. He is quoted saying, “There’s a company in Chicago called PureLine that can sanitize an entire restaurant literally overnight from top to bottom.”

PureLine has developed a Customer Confidence Package to help you provide the best environment for your customers. For over 20 years, PureLine has offered Chlorine Dioxide disinfection services and has a strong presence within the Food Safety industry. This experience and the effectiveness of our products means that your restaurant can reopen with confidence knowing it has been properly disinfected for your customers.

PureLine offers the Customer Confidence Package for a Self-Service Application for as low as $0.10/ft3. Full-Service Applications are available as well.

For more information on PureLine’s Customer Confidence Package and how we can help you reopen with confidence, please contact us at (847) 963-8465 or email

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