What is “On-the-Fly Disinfection”?

Defining “On-the-Fly Disinfection”

PureLine proudly supplies on-the-fly disinfection to oil and gas industry leaders across the nation and globe, but the term might not make total sense to someone without experience or expertise in oil extraction. The “on-the-fly” or “on site” disinfection refers to the process through which PureLine’s powerful chlorine dioxide formulations take produced water and disinfect it at the site of the drill instead of either inserting the product deep into the ground or transporting it for disinfection. Produced water, sometimes referred to as produced wash water or hydraulic fracturing water, is the liquid byproduct that comes out of the well during crude oil production. Produced water can include a number of potentially hazardous components, such as heavy metals, dirt, salts, and insoluble oil, to name a few of the concerning contaminants.


Alternatives to On-Site Disinfection

Some sites will rid themselves of the nasty produced water by ejecting it deep underground, which can be problematic for a number of reasons. This underground disposal might be linked to increased earthquake risk and bears other potential environmental consequences. Another option is to transport the produced water to a secondary location for disinfection, which can be costly in terms of both time and, of course, money. Moreover, many drilling sites are in somewhat remote locations, meaning that transportation to a secondary site for disinfection would be a matter of transportation that covers many miles, not simply a few feet. The logistics quickly become overwhelming and costly.


Why PureLine’s On-the-Fly Disinfection is Superior

PureLine incorporates three-precursor on-site generation of chlorine dioxide to effectively treat produced wash water on the site of extraction; up to 100% produced water can be treated at rates of over 100 barrels per minute. PureLine’s oil and gas experts work with oil and gas leaders to pioneer custom equipment for this on-site disinfection, manufacturing to each site’s individual challenges. This customized disinfection equipment includes live feed monitoring, which gives clients a 24/7 view of the chlorine dioxide treatment dose, residual chlorine dioxide, pH levels, and water flow, meaning that the specialized disinfection equipment is accessible and transparent to site managers. Whether it’s a quick on-site trial or trustworthy mobile disinfection sites operating seamlessly in sub-zero temperatures, PureLine’s custom solutions are excellent for reliable on-the-fly disinfection. If you’re interested in custom on-the-fly wash water disinfection, line clean outs, well stimulations, tank treatments, or salt water disposal, fill out the contact form below and a member of PureLine’s team of oil and gas experts will promptly be in touch.