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Clean your company’s cooling tower to prevent microbial growth in your water systems.

Cooling tower cleaning is a non-negotiable part of maintaining your water systems. You can either do it yourself with an in-house team or hire a cooling tower cleaning company to handle it for you. Regardless, it must be done, and this is why.


Why You Should Clean Your Cooling Tower

Cooling towers are a valuable asset to your organization’s facilities. OSHA actually recommends you treat your cooling tower system twice a year: once before the initial start-up at the beginning of the cooling season, and after shut-down in the fall.

An unclean system will make an impact on the life of your equipment, energy efficiency, and the health and safety of its use. Just imagine all the buildup and bacteria from consistent use if you only cleaned your systems every few years!  Biofilm and harmful bacteria growth can only be stopped by systematic cleaning.

Not to mention, there can be buildup issues within the basin or strainers, which affect its ability to remove heat and keep water temperatures cool. If something goes wrong with your cooling tower or it starts harboring bacteria, your entire facilities are in trouble.


Bacteria That May Grow in Your Cooling Tower

Bacteria seems to be a never-ending topic in terms of water cleanliness and rightfully so. In the cooling tower environment, a few specific microbes have a breeding ground for growth. One dangerous bacteria to watch for is Legionella.

Legionella thrives in freshwater and is transferred to humans when they breathe in contaminated water droplets. It can cause severe illness and lung inflammation, which is why regularly treating your cooling towers is a must. Legionella grows in biofilm.

Biofilm growth can thrive in cooling towers and water systems, and this microbiome is particularly problematic during the fall or winter. Think of it this way, equipment that only needs to run intermittently will see the most biofilm growth, because water is just sitting still and there is no active flushing occurring.

Your system might also be affected by mill scale buildup that turns into rust flakes. Last but not least, you should practice regular cooling tower cleaning to prevent algae. Thick mats of algae will cause further bacteria growth, strands of algae can clog your system, and dead algae provide food for microbials. Algae is pure trouble.


Clean Your Cooling Towers with Chlorine Dioxide

One of the best cooling tower cleaning chemicals is chlorine dioxide. PureLine’s Water Treatment Service offers a complete line of products to meet the chlorine dioxide water treatment needs of the industrial, commercial, and institutional marketplace.

Our cooling water deposit and corrosion control programs utilize the most up-to-date technologies to help our customers operate efficiently and safely. Our expertise in biofilm control will help minimize the potential for problems related to microorganisms, including fouling, deposits, corrosion, and disease.

If you are in need of a trusted partner to ensure your cooling towers are being properly treated, contact us today for more information.

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