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Australian company, Water Treatment Services (Aust) Pty Ltd (“WTS”) has entered into a distributorship agreement with USA based PureLine to distribute PureMax™ chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology to the Australasian region.

Water Treatment Services (Aust) Pty Ltd is an Australian company delivering specialized chemistry and services to the Asia Pacific Water, Power, Paper, Mining and Construction sectors. WTS brings continuous improvement in order to exceed industry requirements by developing innovative chemical products, application expertise and services.

PureLine is the expert in the generation and application of chlorine dioxide. PureLine’s patented and proven high purity chlorine dioxide generation equipment enhances the safety, reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the water treatment process. PureLine manufactures all of their products in the USA, ensuring quality and consistency.

Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidizing agent with broad biocidal effectiveness and has about 2.5 times the oxidation capacity of chlorine. In commercial and institutional applications, PureMax™ is used to prevent the spread of Legionella, because it is an effective membrane treatment and a biocide for cooling and wastewater. It is used extensively in the industrial and municipal sectors. In the food industry, PureMax™ disinfects water used to sanitize equipment and preparation surfaces, wash fruit and vegetables, and prevent Salmonella and E.coli from contaminating meat and poultry.

WTS General Manager, Dale Barron, said “I am very excited that WTS is able to partner with PureLine to offer their world-leading chlorine dioxide technologies. For over 30 years, WTS has been a trusted water treatment partner to much of Australia’s electricity generation sector. Adding PureLine’s PureMax™ technology to our range, we are looking forward to sharing best in class chlorine dioxide generation technology with clients in sectors such as food and beverage and healthcare to improve their water disinfection processes.”

PureLine CEO, Bob Sullivan, said “WTS strategically selecting PureLine’s PureMax™ offering opens the door for companies in the Australasian market to have access to a biocide that has increased effectiveness in treating water systems for staff and customers. We are trilled to partner with an outstanding company in WTS and look forward to our long-term relationship.”

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